Glenn Conrick
Glenn Conrick

Hi, I'm Glenn Conrick, graphic designer, web developer, illustrator and head doodlebug at Molten Ice. Situated in Calgary, Alberta in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains I am fortunate to live in a place where the air is clean, the sky is big and the water is crystal clear. I have worked in the graphic design industry for over 30 years with experience in just about any type of graphic medium there is. I will try anything if it suits the needs of the client.

The History of a Graphics Guy

In 1985 I began my career as a commercial screen print designer in Edmonton where, among other things, I learned the value of customer satisfaction and working under tight deadlines.

In 1990, with five years of valuable experience under my belt, my family and I moved to Calgary where I jumped into the next phase of my graphic career. As the lead designer for a Corporate Design firm I was there at the beginning of the digital age and embraced the future of computer-based graphic design with an intense passion.

1998 and web design. Yowza! This was a memorable year as I was hired on as the Creative Director for an up and coming Web Development company. It was fast-paced, exciting work and definately the wave of the future. I helped build a five person startup company into a 50 person internet dynamo with clients such a s Xerox, Royal Bank of Scotland and Guardian Insurance based out of New York.

2002 was the year Molten Ice was conceived and launched. Willing to try anything and everything, I utilized my years of past experience to build a small, well respected company known for fast, awesome creative design. Over the last 30 years I have been fortunate enough to have worked with a vast array of clients whose needs have ranged from web design to bronze casting, from trade show booth design to writing and illustrating a children's book, from corporate annual reports to mascot design and the odd office building facade design thrown in for good measure.

Looking forward I know there are great designs waiting to be imagined and I relish the adventure I'll take in discovering them.